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When you are born, you have two paths before you:

You discover who you are, live the life you are born to live, and continue to find your authenticity and satisfaction.


You adapt yourself to other people’s ways of thinking, deciding, and speaking…leaving your soul—as well as your everyday being—feeling ultimately lost and unfulfilled.


If you can honestly say to yourself that you are living your life fully and happily like Path #1, then stop reading this now.

But if you find that you—like so many people—wake up feeling lost, uncertain, overwhelmed, tired, or come to realize you are stuck…

Chetan’s Life Success Mentoring Programs can help.


Through a series of one-on-one private sessions, Chetan guides you to align into your own natural being. By recognizing the ways in which you get distracted from your unique path, and by allowing Chetan to guide you back to the processes that are natural for you, you can achieve an effortless balance of recognizing how to live your life from within.

You can enjoy a state of inner balance, where all things are possible in all areas of your life.

It’s time for you to…

  • Wake up to who you really are.
  • Recognize the uniqueness of your own nature.
  • Uncover your gifts and talents.
  • Identify your distinctive keys to a successful life.
  • Detect and release borrowed and/or self-defeating patterns.
  • Discern what moves you to create loving and fulfilling relationships.


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In his Mentoring Programs, Chetan uses extensive knowledge and tools to go deeply into your intrinsic nature. Through his personal insights, he will help you transform your life.

You can experience:

Better, deeper relationships. Once you understand your own Human Design, and the Designs of those with whom you relate, every interaction and communication with your loved ones becomes much clearer and more effective. Relating with someone from your own authenticity leads to deeply satisfying and mutually empowering dynamics within any relationship.

Clarity with money and financial decisions. How do you best allocate your resources? How do you grow a successful business? How do you invest in your future company growth? Learn to make decisions with foresight and confidence.

Improved physical health and wellness. When they start living from their Design, a number of Chetan’s clients report that their health improves dramatically. This is usually a result of no longer forcing their bodies to perform in ways they are not meant to, or finding a way to leave a toxic environment.

Stabilized emotional wellness and mental health. Once the mental “clutter” is identified and put into perspective or reprogrammed, clients often see more clearly the motives behind decisions and actions, and experience the ability to act quickly and with certainty.


Mentoring Program and Other Services

Depending on your scheduling needs and level of commitment to your own transformation, Chetan offers many services that will open the doors of success for you.

  • Mentoring with Chetan

Clients who have mentored with Chetan Parkyn have found their lives transformed in a short period of time.

A good mentor does not provide a “one size fits all” solution. Chetan offers three different Mentoring Programs to guide you. These programs are fully customized to take each person to where he or she really wants to be in his or her life. During your program, you will recognize your Life Design, as well as learn how to engage clearly with it at all times, and apply it in practical situations.

During a Free Personal Discovery Session with Chetan, he will help you decide which program and structure of guidance with him will work best based upon your personal needs.

When events arise that challenge you in your way forward, Chetan reminds you of your own way to access clarity, and supports you to create the outcomes you desire. By helping you fully activate all of your essential Keys in your Human Design, Chetan enables you to ensure that you can make the right decision, every time, long after your mentoring experience is complete.


  • Personal Reading Package

A life-changing view into your intrinsic nature is undertaken in three sessions with Chetan. These in-depth Human Design Reading sessions are scheduled one week apart, with time to re-listen to session recordings in between and any time after!

Chetan takes you through an extensive process of self-recognition and teaches you the keys to living your life successfully, in all areas.  This 3-Session Package may become one of the most important events of your lifetime as it helps you to discover your own unique gifts, and learn to live your life in a way that is more successful and fulfilling.

All Readings are recorded and the recordings are provided to you afterward as an .mp3 file so you can listen again, anytime.


  • Online Seminars

Now you have the opportunity to learn and follow in Chetan’s footsteps. Chetan has been teaching others how to do the insightful work he does for over 20 years, and has developed direct and simple ways of conveying this knowledge in four training levels, as well as special topic seminars and seasonal workshops.

Working together with his partner, Carola Eastwood, Chetan’s seminars are informative and entertaining, providing practical knowledge and insights that make learning easy. All seminars are conducted online and draw a worldwide audience.

Whether you are looking to become certified in Human Design, enhance your own personal coaching practice, expand a holistic health or wellness business, or vastly improve your personal life, these seminars will provide you with a solid education.

Certification is offered for those who complete the Level 4 Practitioner Training.

Live, on-site training is also available. Contact us for more information.


About Chetan Parkyn

chetan_headshot2Chetan has provided his Mentoring services and in-depth Personal Readings to thousands of people worldwide for over 30 years.  He tailors his work with each client according to their natural Human Design, as well as the pace at which they are willing and able to go.

He is adept in his art of leading people into a clear recognition of who they are, and what they are here to do during the course of their lifetime.

Raised in the English Countryside, Chetan traveled the world as a troubleshooting mechanical engineer before being shown his latent talents by a mystic in India in 1979.

Since then, Chetan has devoted himself to assisting others on their path in life. He helps people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to recognize their gifts and abilities, and come to a clear understanding of who they are.


Ready to change your life?

Find out how you can qualify for a no-cost, 20 Minute Personal Discovery Session with Chetan. During this free session, Chetan will discuss with you the best path for you to take with him, as well as answer your questions about how he will specifically guide you through that service.

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