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The Oligarchies……Part 2

Recep Tayyip Erdogan was born into the Personal Life Theme of Planning, a particular Incarnation Theme that may deliver its holder into a form of schizophrenia if they are not really watchful and clear in their motivations. This potential form of schizophrenia exists because the “Planner” is not only constrained to plan for their own interests but also for the interests of their family, community, associates and everyone with whom they relate closely and for whom they feel responsibility, willingly or not.

Recep Tayylp Brdogan

For Erdogan it is almost as though he is trying to ride two horses at once.  The one horse he can control because he can tune into where he wants the horse to take him personally, but trying to guide the other horse can feel like a duty because he can see what is really going to bring the best benefits if only the horse will let him guide it towards those benefits.  So comes the question for Erdogan : “What do I have to do to let me guide this second horse, these people, this community?  Can I persuade them to go the same way I want to go?  Do I have to coerce them? Am I actually clear where I want my life to go and how to go about getting there in a balanced way?  Am I in integrity….or not?”

The desire to become a politician has many different motivations behind it, and the underlying theme for a politician in a country that has a memory of an empire that has been lost is always consciously or unconsciously involved in hankering for the attributes of that lost empire.  Turkey had an empire that lasted for 2000 years and which was demolished in the early 1900’s.  It is clear that a part of Erdogan’s drive has been towards re-establishing that lost empire and all the Sultanate trappings that went with it.

Erdogan has a Projector Life Chart that is “split” into three separate areas. The one part is the mental definition in the Channel 63-4 of Critical Perceptions, activated through his Conscious Mercury (Communications) and Venus (Receptivity, Love and Money) and Pluto (Power and Transformation) giving him the means to qualify things that are not working properly and which can be “fixed” to run better.  It is future oriented and can insist that once a particular formula is established to “fix” problems it must be maintained; once he’s made his mind up about something or someone, that is it.  It is a mindset that became rigid as he demolished the power of the military so no coups could happen again, removed the power of the press by imprisoning anyone who writes or speaks against him, and promoted Islamic “dictates” among a people who had through Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, made a deliberate and decisive move towards Turkey being a secular state.

In his defined Crown Center of Inspiration Erdogan also has Gate 61, of Inner Truth, activated by his North Node, which is a part of the Design that takes on greater significance around age 40.  For Erdogan in 1994 he became mayor of Istanbul and commenced a program of massive financial growth and expansion of the city. Inner Truth can be realized as a personal calling that is considered spiritual and depending on one’s capacity and appreciation for spirituality be exercised according to the beliefs that have been established in one’s personal life.  For Erdogan, he started expounding his Islamic beliefs while in office and was, at first, severely chastised for it, being banned from politics and imprisoned in 1998 for expressing religious intolerance.

The second part of Erdogan’s defined Life Chart is the Unconscious Channel of Talent connecting between the Throat and Spleen Centers.  This Channel is activated by his unconscious Earth, in Gate 16, Selectivity, Line 4, Guiding with “Confidence that draws others to you side,” and unconscious Moon, in Gate 48, Refreshing, Line 4, of tending to “over-identify with projects that bring exhaustion when they hit snags.”

Any Projector needs the support and energy of others to see their projects through.  Anyone, particularly with the Channel of Talent (16-48) needs massive resources for them to engage with, practice and complete their projects.  By Design, Erdogan is constrained to draw to him people who give the political and financial support to proceed towards certain agendas, whatever they might be.  Inevitably, he does whatever it takes to get finance, support and encouragement, attracts people who tend to push him forwards towards their aims as their figurehead, rather than through him providing leadership.  As the old maxim says, the best way to succeed in life is to find a crowd that is going somewhere and get in front of them.

The third area of definition in Erdogan’s Life Chart is the Channel of Community, 37-40, activated by his conscious Sun and Earth in Line 2, giving him the connection to people that offer him support, and isolating him from those who do not.  Communities

exist in many levels from tribal affiliations, to banking fraternities, to religious orders, to political associations to family memberships.  The key to any community is a spirit of familiarity : “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.”  When there is universal agreement in common purpose involving everyone, it provides great benefit for all family members. When there is division, disapproval or disagreement, it encourages separation and cronyism.

There is a natural inclination in the Channel of Community to insist that everyone contributes to the best of their ability towards a common (community) goal.  Any resistance is either quietly brushed aside, or eliminated if intolerance is exercised.  Families get along fine so long as everyone commits towards a common goal, but the moment that trust is broken, the rebels are quickly disowned, excommunicated and become outcasts.

The Planner, who by Design has the Community Channel, 37-40, as a part of their makeup is always confronting this issue : “Who is with me and who is against me?” Inevitably they must do much soul-searching to find their tolerance and internal balance, otherwise, sooner or later, the voices of opposition will drown out the voices of support.

Erdogan’s undefined Centers, those parts of his Design where he either derives great wisdom or else becomes hopelessly conditioned according to other’s beliefs or principles, include his Self Center. The Self Center is our place of identity giving us the sense of who we are, where we are going in life and how we are going to get there.  With an undefined Self and an unconscious Gate 1, of Creativity, in Line 6, being the “medium for creative enterprises,” Erdogan has been instrumental in a massive resurgence in Turkey’s place in the world of commerce and communications.  As to who he is and to what he identifies himself to be is not so obvious.  Building enormous presidential palaces and mosques, challenging women’s rights and policing and imprisoning anyone in apparent opposition indicates that he has taken on conditioning towards fulfilling other people’s beliefs.

His undefined Sacral Center gives him the means to direct the energies of everyone around him.  With unconscious Gate 14, Prosperity, and Line 1 of not necessarily being driven by money but rather the appreciation of accomplishment, he would see money as a means rather than a goal.  The fact that he is accused of financial impropriety is an indication of the conditioning received from the company he keeps.  Gate 29, Commitment, with Line 1 of Being Cautious, indicates his ability to get involved with people where he senses the conditions they espouse suit him best.  Gate 9, Details, activated by his unconscious Sun and conscious Mars in Line 4, called Being Dependable, and also with his conscious Moon in Line 3, Overlooking, will give him tremendous focusing ability on projects that have his personal involvements at stake.  It

also gives him the potential to neglect those issues that do not appeal to him directly or which he considers extraneous and beneath his consideration.

In his undefined Root Center, Erdogan has Gate 53, New Beginnings and Development, activated by his conscious Uranus, in Line 5 of Advancing Steadily, “In all expansion you are pressured from outside,” implying that once his attention is drawn to someone or something he has to follow through.  It is not difficult to appreciate that his stance and involvement with many issues and projects has been due to outside influences that have often most benefited a select few.

The greatest danger for Erdogan is and has always been in choosing his close company and the embedded conditioning or constraints that this company brings with it.  So long as he has been seen to bring progress to the Turkish people, an extraordinarily diverse population with many differing life interests, he has managed to remain in power.  As soon as he puts too much energy and attention towards the interests of his cronies and influencers, he loses track.  How much further he continues to be involved in the establishment of a renewed Turkey remains to be seen.  Unpopularity at the polls can be a very sobering influence.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, was one of the world’s most courageous and foresighted men in that he allowed Turkey to shed the vestiges of sultanates and lost empire, and to reenter the world as a recognized and important 20th century presence.  Time moves on but what Ataturk has set in place for the people of Turkey and the world is significant.  His name and deeds will be remembered long after the departure of Recep Tayyip Erdogan from the political scene.

Erdogan might say that he will change and make reforms, however a reformed politician is one who did not get enough votes.


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