Light on our Path

Navigating our Way through Life with Wisdom In a subtle yet compelling way, we are attuned to the rhythms of life, to the movements of the planets and the breathing of the multiplicity of stars in a multitude of universes. Each of us, as an individual spark of life, is affected by the on-going, ever-evolving exchange of creativity that is, simply, the symphony of life.  But, we are also beings capable of adding our own unique voices, and when we do that, life for all is forever changed. Through understanding and living our ‘Human Design’, we bring ourselves back into harmony with the creative symphony, we ‘tune’ ourselves into the frequency of creativity that has been, and always will be, if only we can perceive it.  We get out of our own way, stop creating chaos for ourselves, and begin aligning with a pulse of truth that runs deep within all of life, and within us.  When we do that, we awaken. Human Design is an awareness tool that was given to us, specifically for these … [Read more...]

Signs of the Times

Beyond politics and politicians, religions and priests, tycoons and servants, feast and famine, there is a current that is always running in the Universe...which runs according to the laws of the Universe. Within these laws are patterns and timings that affect everyone on the Earth.  In Human Design, we have decoded many of these patterns. And among them are what we call the Incarnation Themes. There are 112 of these Themes and each of us, at the moment of our birth, take on one of these Themes that runs as an undercurrent throughout our lifetime. It is a little like the theme music that plays in the background of a movie, or the common themes that run through many books. In our lifetime and knowing our Human Design, we can register for ourselves what our own particular Life Theme is, and watch it playing its part in everything we do, regardless of our Human Design Type, Authority, or Profile. However, in the events of the world, it is possible to see these Themes playing … [Read more...]


In our early days as a child, we are thrilled and moved by almost anything that catches our attention, especially those things we have to stretch to reach. We can walk around gazing upwards at the sky, wondering what it is that draws our attention there in the clouds and among the stars. It is easy for us to be moved by almost anything because of its newness, and yet, as we get older, much of the excitement wears off, and those aspects of life that were so in-spiring lose their appeal and interest for us. It is almost as though we convince ourselves that we have understood life, and that our earlier quest has been dismissed as unnecessary. The reality is that no one understands what life is.  No one.  And if we insist on keeping our attention towards what we think we know about ourselves and our lives, then our horizons become limited and our sense of wonder diminishes.  We start relying on our mind and our thinking patterns that can only relate to past instances, borrowed … [Read more...]