Relationships in the 21st Century | Human Design Charts for Relationships

Love and Being in Love Many languages carry the description equivalent to "falling in love." What is it that takes place when you are suddenly overtaken by this amazing sense of recognition? Do some chemicals get loosed inside making you behave strangely, or is there some truth to the tale that Cupid has shot you with one of his magical arrows? Are you bound to "fall," or is there ever the possibility you might "rise in love?" The honest answer is that although there have been myriad attempts to explain love; romantic love remains a mystery to us all. With Human Design, there are several clear indications as to what is actually going on between two people. Relationships can be clearly seen whether they be love relationships, family, or business relationships. In this article, I examine how we can simply and easily bring harmony and fulfillment to all our relationships. Human Design works from the premise that we do not come here to suffer; we come here to be, and to express … [Read more...]

How We Express Ourselves | The Throat Center in Human Design

In our understanding of the Human Design Life Chart, the Throat Center relates to the Thyroid and Parathyroid glands that control the making of thyroid hormones, which in turn regulate the body's metabolism. In the first few days after conception, the Throat Center is the energetic foundation for the fetus, and ultimately affects the formation and operation of all the other Centers, throughout the body's lifetime. The Throat Center is our place of articulation, expression and manifestation. It is the most complex of all the Centers in the Life Chart and, particularly in these days, it handles intense demands. We use it to describe our world; to explain who we are, what we do, how we live and, beyond that, it is the Center from which we create manifestations. Please consider this article as a reminder of how best to appreciate your own Human Design so you can let it “work” for you. There are at least 11 different voices in the Throat Center which we use to express ourselves; … [Read more...]

How Your Human Design Affects Your Health – Part 2

In Part One of this series, we started a discussion about how your Human Design affects your health with an explanation of defined and undefined center and the Heart or Willpower Center. Now we are going to continue our journey through the Centers and look how they correlate to certain aspects of our body and health. The Solar Plexus, the Emotional Center Emotions rule the world. Whoever gets the most upset, has the most power, since the rest of us will immediately try anything to calm them down, knowing that if we don’t, there will be consequences. The emotions are extraordinarily powerful and can be said to be linked for all wars, domestic strife, rage, and fighting, as well as digestive issues, addictions of all sorts, breathing disorders, immune disorders, and perhaps even autism.   Babies learn very early that if they require something, want some attention, they merely have to throw a tantrum to get results. It is inevitable that we all suffer some degree of emotional … [Read more...]

How Your Human Design Affects Your Health – Part 1

Good health is not a guarantee for us, even though the human being is an incredibly resilient and versatile species. Our bodies can survive and prosper in all kinds of diverse environments; eat and digest an enormous spectrum of foods and liquids. Yet, we can still be prone to disease. The implication of the word 'dis-ease' is that we are made to feel uncomfortable within our body when we allow certain anomalies (viruses or harmful bacteria, for example) to penetrate its working mechanism. Many older people, when asked what are the greatest qualities of life, will always say that health is the most important thing. Guarding and nourishing our health is of primary importance. So keeping anomalies at bay is a very worthwhile endeavor. This article is not written from a medical point of view, neither from a Western perspective, which is a medical system that has evolved in large part from a military presence on battlefields, nor an Eastern perspective, which has evolved from a … [Read more...]