Relationships in the 21st Century | Human Design Charts for Relationships

Love and Being in Love Many languages carry the description equivalent to "falling in love." What is it that takes place when you are suddenly overtaken by this amazing sense of recognition? Do some chemicals get loosed inside making you behave strangely, or is there some truth to the tale that Cupid has shot you with one of his magical arrows? Are you bound to "fall," or is there ever the possibility you might "rise in love?" The honest answer is that although there have been myriad attempts to explain love; romantic love remains a mystery to us all. With Human Design, there are several clear indications as to what is actually going on between two people. Relationships can be clearly seen whether they be love relationships, family, or business relationships. In this article, I examine how we can simply and easily bring harmony and fulfillment to all our relationships. Human Design works from the premise that we do not come here to suffer; we come here to be, and to express … [Read more...]