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Love and Being in Love

Many languages carry the description equivalent to “falling in love.” What is it that takes place when you are suddenly overtaken by this amazing sense of recognition? Do some chemicals get loosed inside making you behave strangely, or is there some truth to the tale that Cupid has shot you with one of his magical arrows? Are you bound to “fall,” or is there ever the possibility you might “rise in love?”

The honest answer is that although there have been myriad attempts to explain love; romantic love remains a mystery to us all. With Human Design, there are several clear indications as to what is actually going on between two people. Relationships can be clearly seen whether they be love relationships, family, or business relationships.

In this article, I examine how we can simply and easily bring harmony and fulfillment to all our relationships. Human Design works from the premise that we do not come here to suffer; we come here to be, and to express Authenticity. When we appreciate who we are, we experience Self-love, and only when we find Self-love can we truly impart love into all of our relationships.


A brief history of relationship

There are many legends of great and fantastic romance stories where the lovers meet, struggles are endured, resolution comes, and everyone lives happily forevermore. And then I remember that they had no plumbing or cars or telephones or email or FaceTime, and in fact, the way of life experienced in those not too distant times was completely different. So perhaps, the whole story, or the true story has never been told.

We are not far removed, if at all, from the age of ‘goods and chattels,’ when marriages were arranged to ensure political and financial stability, and young people are traded like cattle. Many couples today have prenuptial agreements and you only have to witness one California divorce to find out who is considered worth what in a relationship. There are still many segments of society that insist their children only relate within their own group, be that material, political, religious or racial, but slowly, the global village opens the possibilities for a dramatic shift in how we all perceive relationship.

We live in an age that fosters a complete reexamination of how and why people come together and relate. Indeed relationships are changing and there is an urgent need to be clear that, if we are going to be in relationship and have ongoing reflection from the people around us, then we need to become wise in recognizing exactly what those reflections are and what they mean to us. There is no such thing as an intrinsically good or a bad relationship but there is the possibility of an intelligent, interactive and loving relationship.


Partnerships seen through Human Design

In Human Design, it is a simple matter to draw up an individual person’s chart and read from that chart exactly how that person is designed to interact within the world, consistently. When we bring two people’s charts together and overlay them, a new picture is developed which clearly shows the coming into being of an entirely new energy form. The combined chart precisely shows the distinct energetic ways in which the two people unite. Let’s look at some people we all know and have heard much about to see how their relationship dynamics are illustrated by Design.


Prince Charles Human Design Chart

Prince Charles

Prince Charles’s enduring manner is to be aloof, objective, and he is designed to wait to respond to whatever life offers him. He is creative, instinctive, individual, romantic, moody, and brings transformation in unexpected ways into the lives of many people of diverse backgrounds. Not particularly comfortable with his emotional nature, he is very particular about who he lets really close to him.





Princess Diana Human Design ChartPrincess Diana

The late Princess Diana, was designed to be private, personally motivated, and to constantly need recognition and invitation. Although she had a logical thought pattern, she at the same time was powerfully emotional. She was never particularly comfortable when she spoke, nor very clear who she was or how much she could accomplish, and always had an uncertainty about how she might be perceived by others. She embraced completely all whom she saw as ‘family.’




When the two charts are overlapped, there is a different design
Prince Charles & Princess Diana

Charles and Diana - Composite Human Design Chart

This chart shows how the two energies meld together and a number of things are instantly apparent. Again, I never look to a relationship to be either good or bad because there is no such thing. Relationships when lived intelligently can only be good because we get reflections of everything we need to see, but there is the likelihood that Prince Charles and Princess Diana were never aware of many of the issues confronting them. There are correct and incorrect ways to interact according to our Designs, and if you are conscious of what works for you and what doesn’t work in relationship, harmony follows.

One of the details that is immediately apparent in the combination chart is an inherent difficulty in communication. Whatever Charles and Diana had to discuss would come through Charles’ particular form of expression, as he is the one who has a consistent energetic connection to the Throat Center, the Center of expression, from his Mind Center, where he gets his mental cognition of life around him. Conversations will generally revolve around what he knows on a mental level, and Diana probably felt suppressed whenever they talked.

Whenever the two of them attempted to do things together, they’d find a difficulty, in that the energy from the motivating (lower) part of the chart does not connect to the Throat Center where it can become manifest. The energy remains potentially ready to go but cannot move easily without some “outside” third party input, potentially leaving them both with a sense of frustration. With her defined Emotions Center, Diana brought a potentially friendly and focused emotional energy to the relationship, however Charles has a single gate in his Emotions, Solar Plexus Center rendering him very sensitive when he feels emotionally embraced or challenged. While Diana’s need was to have a community of friends and family surrounding her, Charles often needs space to reflect. Within the combined chart exists a definition (Channel 28 – 38, Struggle), that could make them struggle constantly until they felt that their combined energies were synchronized. If they never knew how to easily resolve their struggles, their relationship could not synchronize, and they would be in trouble.

We’ve done a brief review of this famous couple’s relationship chart. There are of course, many more layers and nuances that are clearly visible within their Designs, that if Charles and Diana had known of them, could have been applied consciously, taking them through their difficulties and into a much clearer and more loving and fulfilling arena. All relationships have their potential trials, and all trials when recognized and accepted for what they are provide springboards for greater expressions of love and realizations of harmony.

In our next blog, we’ll have a look at Charles and Camilla’s Designs, and then see how Prince William and Kate interact, and also how the arrival of Prince George provides a whole new level of reality to the Royal Family.