Relationships in the 21st Century: Part 4 | Human Design

The Royal Kidlets

In a few previous installments of our blog, we’ve taken a look at the love relationships of the royal family. We saw that there is a large degree of “connectivity” between Prince Charles and Camilla. We saw that Prince William has definitions in his Design that make him prone to emotional mood swings, and that Kate Middleton’s unconscious Mercury in Line 4, Qualifying means that she is constantly stirring up any environment that might otherwise be dull and stale.

In this week’s installment, we’re taking a look at the results of these relationships. Turning our attention to Little Prince George and Princess Charlotte, we’ll delve into their charts to see how these future rulers might behave once they take the throne—Spoiler Alert: They’re going to be a lot of fun to watch! Read More here.

It is extremely difficult to imagine what the world will look like in 40 years when the two great-grandchildren to Queen Elizabeth of England arrive at ages when they might ‘ascend’ to the throne of England.

However, whatever their fates, a lot of attention will be placed over the coming years on the two children of Prince George of CambridgeWilliam and Princess Katherine of Cambridge, so let’s see what they have given themselves in their Human Design Life Charts.

Prince George by Design is a Generator who is born into the Personal Incarnation Theme of The Laws.  This Incarnation Theme describes a lifetime in which George will be quick to comprehend rules and restrictions, and also quick to find ways around them if they don’t suit him. Basically, as a pure individual (by the defined Channels he has in Circuits in his Design) he is going to invent his own rules, so if he is given enough space and encouragement, he is going to be fun to watch.

With his conscious Sun placement in Gate 56, George is very easily stimulated; he will be a great one for traveling, getting involved intimately with all kinds of people, but at this stage in life will be fascinated by stories….stories of just about anything and everything, and in time to come will be a great raconteur himself. With a natural curiosity, he is fascinated by all goings-on around him, particularly the sounds in his environment.  He will know right away if someone is being truthful with him, and if they are not, he will tune them out (28-38).  He has emotional definition in his Design, through the Channel of Moods (39-55) which can give him access to quite dramatic highs and lows.  As such, he is here to try out everything that life can offer him, often getting bored himself (Gate 35 line 5), but making sure the people around him enjoy their experiences.

Among other indications in his Life Chart, there is a huge upswell of innovation (Gate 3 line 6) in his nature that he receives genetically from his father, William (unconscious Sun) and grandfather, Charles (unconscious Mars), and it will remain to be seen if he gets to move past the restrictions associated with the ordered life of the British monarchy to be able to implement this inherent innovativeness in his life.

There are indications that George is quite conscious with 5 Conscious/Unconscious over-layered Gates in his Life Chart, and the question arises to see if he has the patience to bring about radical and empowering changes during his lifetime, or whether he will succumb to the stubborn unreasonableness that is also a potential in his Design.

Princess Charlotte comes into this lifetime with the Incarnation Theme of ‘Incarnation.’  The word Incarnation literally means ‘coming into the flesh.’  The implication for Princess Charlotte is that this could be her first time in a physical, matter-based lifetime and will probably take awhile and a number of learning-missteps for her to adapt to it.  Familiarizing with ‘earth-rules’ is generally quite tough for those who are born with this Incarnation Theme, but once Charlotte gets the hang of things, she can become very capable at assisting those who also find life here difficult.

With her Manifesting Generator Design, and the ‘Busy, busy, busy’ (20-34) Channel, Charlotte is going to be a tough act to keep up with.  She also has the ‘Involuntary Impulses’ (20-57) Channel and will often spontaneously express sparkling insights that will amaze those who hear her. Charlotte has the Channel of Power, or ‘Resurrection’ (57- 34) through which she will be a great source of encouragement and uplift for the people she meets who are in distress.  Those who have these Channels have to be very particular in just how much energy they impart to others, and how much energy comes back to them.  It is always a question of balance, and it will be easy for Charlotte to over-extend herself and become disenchanted if she is not careful. The one thing Charlotte will have to do in her lifetime is to stick up for herself especially when others would attempt to force her to do things that are contrary to her nature.  Like her brother, George, she comes into this lifetime with 5 Conscious/Unconscious over-layered Gates in her Life Chart, indicating that she is quite conscious to her surroundings and what she inherits genetically.

How does Charlotte know who and what is right for her? Her Sacral Response; with a step by step follow-through that will tell her if she is about to manifest something worthwhile.  Like her brother, George, she is a pure individual (through her defined Channels), is acoustically oriented to her environment and also highly intuitive.  If she can learn to enjoy the trappings of her position, she will have a very strong effect on people with whom she interacts while being thoroughly fulfilled herself.

For both George and Charlotte, finding happiness in their relationships/partnerships is going to be an interesting part of their journey, as neither have defined Self, Heart or Emotional Centers.  However, it is going to be a long wait to watch that drama play out!


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