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William and Katherine++


Some relationships are more visible to the world than others, and we all have our perceptions as to what is actually going on in any partnership or family, particularly behind the public image and glamor.

Recently married and now with a growing family, Prince William and Princess Katherine of Cambridge are very much in public view, and their partnership has shown a continuing dramatic shift in attitude for a “Royal,” who is in line to the throne of England and to be King over his “subjects,” to marry a “commoner.”

In this article we will look at William and Kate’s individual Designs and then their partnership chart.  IN our next newsletter, we will also have a look at Prince George and Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana’s Designs to get an idea of what is coming in the next round of English royalty!

Prince William is born into the Personal Incarnation Theme of Love, something that is very apparent in the way he appears to conduct himself in his life.  Those born with this Incarnation Theme, particularly with their Conscious Sun placement in Gate 15, of Humanity, bring relief, reassurance, acceptance and a sense of commonality to everyone they meet.

Prince WilliamBy Design, William has 6 out of 9 Centers defined and active and energetically available to him consistently in his Life Chart.  He has a Manifesting Generator Design, with Emotional Authority, implying that he is most in touch with his life when he acts in response to situations after getting his Emotional clarity.

The definitions in his Design indicate that he has emotional mood swings (39-55); has impulses that make him feel driven to bring about changes in the world around him through the connections he makes, (54-32); has a strong intuition that keeps him out of trouble (57-10); strong Sacral energy that reinvigorates depleted people and situations (34-57); has to follow his own convictions or suffer the consequences, (34-10); and has talents that can be applied in many ways, often in choosing what holds merit for him to accomplish, and what does not, (16-48).

His open will-power Center gives him a generous nature but indicates he is not overly fond of ego-demonstrations or flattery; open-minded, with Gate 11 of Harmony, activated consciously and unconsciously with his Neptune gives him some interesting, perhaps spiritually-inclined viewpoints towards life.  He also has Gate 63, of Doubts, activated by his unconscious Mercury, through which he constantly weighs up the pros and cons of whatever he sees going on around him.

With his Unconscious Sun in Gate 25 with Line 5, called : “Healthiness, There is no worldly cure for spiritual sickness,” received most likely genetically from his father, Prince Charles, he is unlikely to feel at ease in his life following mundane religious traditions.  Prince Charles was offered several chances to move towards a more spiritually inclined life but declined, and so the impetus of a spiritual search moves on a generation.

William also has his unconscious Venus activating Gate 13, Line 3, which he probably inherits from his mother Princess Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd.  His grandmother on his mother’s side has been described as “certainly complicated,” and who had an ancestry embracing many cultures and nationalities, including Irish, Scottish, English, American, and possibly Armenian, and Indian.  This particular Gate and Line gives William the inclination to discard everyone’s “well-intentioned” advice, and to trust his own very particular life path, whether anyone else likes it or not.


Katherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge is born into the Interpersonal Incarnation Theme of Cycles, implying certain sets of rounds of experiences taking place throughout her life.  Mostly these cycles will be marked annually through her unconscious Earth’s placement in Gate 42 of Growth and Increase.

For anyone born into this Incarnation Theme, it is most important that they only enter into arrangements or commitments when they are 100% clear to do so, and in Katherine’s case, this means through her instantaneous, spontaneous Sacral Response.  She makes snap decisions that with a Sacral “yes” commits her to a cycle of activity that finishes when everything involved is completed and not before.  Quitting early is not an option.

Katherine’s defined mind indicates she is constantly thinking, (61-24), and constantly seeking and searching for answers that will strengthen her beliefs about life, (11-56).  She also has the defined Channel of Cycles (53-42) and the Channel of Transformation (54-32) that is common to William’s Design.

With her 5/1 Profile, and a completely open Self Center (a feature of the Design of Queen Elizabeth 2), it is difficult for anyone to work out who Kate really is.  Her open Self Center reflects everyone back to themselves in ways that the people who like her are seeing aspects of themselves reflected back that they like about themselves….and those who do not like what they see, are getting that aspect of themselves reflected back to them.  People are going to make of Kate whatever they want to make of her.  She can be very malleable, taking on any role people would like to project onto her.  Her Sacral Response is always guiding her towards what is worthwhile and what is not.

She has Gate 41 of Imagination activated consciously with her Mercury (Communications) and Venus (Femininity, Receptivity, Beauty) giving off a sense that anything is possible if you dream hard enough.  She has Gate 50, of Values, both conscious with her Pluto, in Line 1 of “Starting Afresh”, and with her unconscious Mercury in Line 4, Qualifying, which is constantly stirring up any environment that is dull and stale.  Her presence in overly traditional surroundings is no doubt a very powerful breath of fresh air.

When William and Kate’s Charts are put together, we see a very full Life Chart in which all 9 Centers are connected together in a Single Definition, meaning that you can connect from any one Center to any other Center through defined Channels.  You can say about such a combined chart that “they complete each other,” and also that when they are together, there is no real need for other company, they are very content as a party of two.



William’s 2/5 Profile, which can make him feel like he lives in a constant projection field where everyone presumes to know exactly what makes him tick, finds a very happy fit with Kate’s 5/1 Profile and open Self Center through which she gives the impression that anything is possible, without limits.

Kate finds not only does she have a consistent sense of identity through William’s defined Self Center, but also she is exposed consistently to emotions, as she comes to share and even take on or reflect William’s individual and often unpredictable emotional nature (39-55).

Together they have 3 Electro-magnetic connections through which they find strong attractions : 44-26, The Channel of Enterprise through which they connect their already defined Spleen Centers to the Heart/Willpower Center and realize what they really want together and how to get it; the 46-29, Discovery, through which they dramatically energize not only themselves but the people around them wherever they go together; and the 9-52, the Channel of Concentration and Determination through which they are able to plan and map out their life moves.

These three electro-magnetic connections are going to reassure them both in their partnership life.

They have 3 Gates of Friendship, through which they can find agreement whenever there are potential upsets. Gate 50 of Values through which they catalyze changes in the systems in place around them; and in Gates 54, Ambitions, and 32, Changes being a defined Channel of Transformation that they both share and through which they bring about a makeover in how the “Royals” are seen in a different light.

There are two Dominion Channels, meaning Channels that are uniquely defined in one or other’s personal Life Charts : Kate’s 24-61, through which she is constantly reaching to higher and higher perspectives in life, and William’s 39-55, in which William explores his emotional nature and the creativity that comes through it when he is not identified with his moods.

Dominion Channels become the hallmarks of any liaison because they express the very individual nature and expression of each partner within the relationship.

There are 5 potential Compromise/Compliment aspects in their partnership, implying that these are the areas in any relationship that need conscious attention if the partnership is to triumph, and these areas have to be worked through to find growth and harmony.

Compromise/Compliment Channels exist in combined charts when one partner has a whole Channel defined and active, and their partner has a single Gate active in that same Channel.  In Compromise/Compliment Channels, both parties can feel discomfort when an aspect of their nature that is familiar to them is consistently handled in a different way because of their partner’s Design.  If there is a Line number match in these Compromise/Compliment Channels, then generally we see that as a “Compliment;” when there is a Line mis-match, that can  cause disruptions and Compromise!

In Channel 11-56, Seeking, both Kate and William have Gate 11, Harmony, with the 4th Line through which they compliment each other’s shared beliefs about the ideals they wish to share with the world.

In Channel 16-48, Talent, they both have Gate 48, The Well, and the source of their knowledge and potential wisdom in Line 5, Utilizing, where they compliment and encourage each other to keep learning and expanding on their gifts and abilities.

In Channel 53-42, Cycles, they both compliment each other in Gate 53, New Beginnings, Line 5, Advancing Steadily, through which they give themselves to grow in their life-roles.  It is interesting to note that this Gate and Line (53.5) is Katherine’s Conscious Earth placement, where she grounds herself and gives form to her life.  William has it activated with his unconscious North Node placement which is where he aligns himself in this life’s destiny of being born into a very particular role.  It could be said that these two, William and Kate have been promised to each other for a long time, and have to make sure that they keep growing and expanding in their own lives together.  As and when William makes it to the throne of England, he will be overseeing a very different position and scenario than presently exists.

The only potential Compromise exists in the mix of 3 Channels, 10-34, 10-57 and 34-57.  Kate brings Gate 34 of Power, Line 4 of Inner Strength reliant on her “inner balance,” connecting into Channels that are defined in William’s Design.  If Kate loses her clarity (balance) in to whom and what she is to commit, then there can be upsets in their partnership.  Once she has learned the “rules” of her role, she will quite often find herself going through motions that do not necessarily appeal to her own nature, but managing very well despite her discomfort.

By Design, Kate lives by her Splenic wits, her responsive instincts and intuitions and can make rapid course-corrections when needed.  The only real area of difficulty for her can be in immediately recognizing and then not losing her balance in William’s mood-swings, or through trying to overthink what her real role in the partnership is.  Through her open and flexible nature, Kate is able to support and help William find the guidance he needs in his very particular life role.  Kate has the means to watch a very interesting life play out around her so long as she does not get too attached to any particular role she is called on to play.


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