Relationships in the 21st Century: Part 2 | Human Design

Camilla Parker Bowles

Camilla Parker Bowles | Human Design Chart

Camilla Parker Bowles, (a manifesting generator by Design) is Designed in her chart to be aloof, individual, romantic, tireless — social when she feels to be, private when she doesn’t. Everything she commences she must completed in order to find true satisfaction in her life. She has no major goals or achievements to actualize in this life, and does appear quite often to be puzzled and even hurt in how she thinks other people perceive her. She has a special touch with animals and can easily trigger untapped sources of creativity in other people.

In her Design, she is energized emotionally, with two Gates, 30, Desires, and 22, Grace, activated in her unconscious Emotions Center, indicating that she does not necessarily know the power of her emotions and the effect it has on the people around her until they either become happily excited , or upset.

When Prince Charles and Camilla’s charts are combined, another story emerges.

Prince Charles & Camilla Parker Bowles

Prince Charles and Camilla Combined | Human Design Chart

This combined Chart for Prince Charles and Camilla shows a Design where all 9 Centers are inter-linked in a continuous energetic flow. Talking together, doing things together and feeling complete with one another, with no need at all for other company, characterizes this relationship. Both Charles and Camilla are very individual in their own natures and find a compliment in each other’s Design. Individuals, in Design terms, are typically musical, romantic, melancholic, provocative, acoustic and can be seen to be “doing their own thing.”

Camilla brings a personally assured way in her social manner that can easily settle Charles’ emotional sensitivity. Between the two of them, they enhance each other’s inspiration, (61-24), talents, (16-48), sense of leadership, (7-31), experience of love, and creative drives, (defined Self Center). Since there is a large degree of “connectivity” between Charles and Camilla, (7 electro-magnetic Channels, where one of them brings a Gate that connects to a Gate in the other’s Design), they would probably appreciate frequently spending time apart from each other to embrace their own individual lives, and then come back together in a powerfully passionate presence together. They can quite easily remark that they ‘complete’ each other.


The four main areas of Connection in Human Design


Electromagnetics | Human Design and Relationships

The obvious instant connection when you meet someone is when “sparks fly between you.” This comes about when one person has one Gate of a Channel activated, and the other person has the other Gate at the other end of that same Channel. This is called an ‘electro-magnetic’ connection. When the two people meet, the energy combines to define the whole Channel and the energies flow between the two Centers. It can feel like a rush of energy in an otherwise quiet part of one’s being. The more of these connections there are in a relationship, the more sparks fly. As mentioned above, Charles and Camilla have 7 of these electro-magnetic connections. This can be very energetically exciting, but a large number of these connections bring a point when the relationship overheats ….and the partners might deliberately seek a cooling off period!



Friendship | Human Design and Relationships

When both partners in a relationship have the same Gate or Channel activation in their own Design, the two combine in an area of friendship within the relationship. It is as though both parties are looking through the same window at the same view in their lives. Friendship leads to empathy and having several friendship Gates or Channels potentially strengthens the harmony in relationships. Areas of friendship in the Designs are generally the places where quarrels and disputes can most easily be settled amicably. Charles and Camilla have a single, Gate 39, of Provocation, as a ‘friendship’ Gate.



Dominion | Human Design and Relationships

When one partner has an entire Channel defined and the other partner has nothing in that Channel, the partner with the definition has dominion in that area. This is a particular unique energy that your partner brings which you do not share in, but you may admire, appreciate or perhaps, simply tolerate. When you are the one who has the dominion Channel in your Design, it is helpful for you to be aware of the effect it has on your partner, i.e. you bring something to the relationship that your partner may be aware of, but in which they may not be able to participate. Charles has the Channels 43-23, Structuring and expressing Individuality, and 3-60, Mutation and Dramatic Transformations, and Camilla has the Channel 12-22 of Openness and Romantic Individuality and the Channel 53-42, Cycles as Dominion Channels.



Compromise | Human Design and Relationships
…as an example

When one partner has a whole Channel defined and therefore he or she is accustomed to consistently moving their energy in a particular way in that area of their being, but the partner only has a Gate in that Channel, there exists a state of compromise in the relationship. This area of the relationship bears much conscious attention. With compromises there can be potentially a mismatch of energy, leading to a sense of resentment because there is always the feeling that one or other of the partnership controls the flow in that part of the relationship. Charles and Camilla have no Compromise Channels.


How to make sure you start a good relationship?

In addition to how things work within the relationship once it has started, another very important factor is that before you enter into a relationship you do so in a way that is appropriate for you in terms of your Design. This means that most of us are waiting to be introduced to each other, so that we can respond, (Generator) or feel invited, (Projector); when this happens, we enter into the relationship because it is really attuned to our nature. When we are unaware of our Design, we are more likely to enter into the relationships without a clear foundation, often having to later extract ourselves. If we are conscious of our Design it will always become apparent to us who is the right person to join into our lives and who is not, and how to interact in the clearest, most empowering and supportive of ways.


The highest wisdom in relationships

It is said that only mankind and womankind know how to laugh. It is said about laughter that apart from being fun, it is the greatest form of exercise available, in that a good belly laugh involves more of the body’s muscles than any other single activity. Consequently, in any relationship one of the fundamental understandings must be, that to have a healthy interaction there has to be laughter.

As the great mystic Osho says: Life, Love and Laughter go together. Yes, there are things of consequence and serious matters to consider in all relationships, but there must be humor. Each one of us thinks, feels, does and says all kinds of funny things and that is what makes us human, unique and lovable. It also gives us all the chance to appreciate our wisdom in sharing our part of the “Cosmic Joke,” life.


Next time, William and Kate…..and of course, Prince George.