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The Oligarchies

There is an ancient story you might have heard before…… that in a land far away there is a Mountain on whose slopes are inscribed the names of all the most famous leaders, kings, chiefs, sultans, conquerors, politicians, priests and others who have ruled over masses of people or subjugated vast territories. When they die, tradition requires each leader approach the Mountain’s keepers to have their name inscribed for glorious posterity on the Mountain’s walls.

It is said that when Alexander the Great arrived at the sacred Mountain with all his thousands of generals, armies and followers, the head keeper expressed his great delight to have such an honored guest, and asked Alexander to wait for a few minutes so he could go make the necessary preparations for Alexander’s inscription.

Several hours later, the head keeper returns and quietly whispers to Alexander if perhaps he would prefer to witness the inscription privately.

“What do you mean?” asked Alexander. “I have come through every imaginable trial and conquest and have arrived here with all my most faithful retainers to witness this great event, the crowning glory of my whole life effort.”

The head keeper insists on leading Alexander by himself out of sight to a part of the Mountain where several names have been scratched off and smoothed over to make a place for Alexander’s name to be written. When Alexander looks around, he can see the whole mountainside is etched with thousands upon thousands of names of all those great victors, leaders, religious figures and world conquerors who had come before him. It is said, that he quickly left the mountain by a way that avoided his followers, never to be seen again.

So what is the fascination with being important, in power, elite, ruling over the lives of others, deciding people’s fates, deciding who shall live and who shall die and how……… and why do the individuals who make up the population of the world allow these power-hungry people to take over everyone’s lives?

The answer is perhaps simpler than we might at first imagine : for one reason or another we think that everything we have been and are being told is true, and that really we are not equipped to run our own lives. We are guilty of something called “sin;” we should be really ashamed of ourselves, particularly our bodies; that in America, among other places, we should allow a group of gophers with a 9% approval rating to take over and make the rules for us. We should trust “Big Daddy,” or “Big Mama” or even “Big Brother” or some representative of theirs to tell us what we are allowed to do and have, and trust them to handle our lives for us.

Consequently, we end up with “righteous” wars, religious (my god is better than your godless god) persecutions, “legalized” murder, economic collapse, mind-bogglingly wasteful “defense” budgets, poverty, starvation, global warming, lousy health, a polluted planet, racism and misery…..instead of finding ourselves embraced as a responsible populace living in a state of health, wealth and neighborliness.

This power-pattern has being going on, and on, and on and it is time to break with it. It is time to recognize ourselves as gracious and abundant neighbors who choose responsible and properly trained people to handle civic duties for us. How do we grow up and take charge for ourselves……? We learn to live through our own perfect nature as exemplified through our unique Human Designs.

Whether or not you have any trust in the idea of entering the Aquarian Age, the times of despots, Tsars, Sultans and other oligarchies is drawing to a close. We are exiting the Piscean, faith-based Age that is denoted by the symbol of a fish, and an age in which these so-called leaders could operate freely.

If you have ever watched a fish out of water, gasping for its breath, you know that for quite some time after the fish is dead, the tail will keep on flapping. Well, the Age of the Pisces is over, but there are still a few tail-flaps going on. In this series of articles we will have a look at a few “fishy” Design Charts and question how much longer we are going to have an interest in the people with these Designs, and the people behind them pulling their strings.

Vladimir Putin was born in Leningrad (St Petersburg), Russia on October 7th, 1952 into the Incarnation Theme of Endeavor in which he catalyzes sometimes intense activity in himself and the people he influences. Extraordinarily capable in all kinds of different arenas, the challenge for anyone with this Incarnation Theme is : Can they delegate, or do they have to micro-manage everything? If you read into Putin’s biography you will see that for decades he was trained for the position he has been given, and there is demonstrable evidence that he is extremely reluctant to leave it as he has switched rules, laws and constitutions to maintain his overall controlling interests.

Putin’s Life Chart is that of a (Splenic) Manifestor with three defined Centers : Throat, Spleen and Root, implying that he is driven by ambition to grow beyond his birth status and is extremely quick in weighing up how to further that aim from one moment, meeting and interaction to another.

With six out of a potential seven Gates active in the Spleen Center, Putin operates in a visceral, spontaneous and fear-based way, constantly scanning his environment for anything (or anyone) that does not jive comfortably with his senses. Interestingly the only missing Gate in his Spleen Center is 50, of Values. With his particular Splenic configuration, he can either make you feel very well in his company if he senses you are supportive to him, or otherwise induce you to want to get out of any room he’s in as fast as possible.

The white Centers in any Life Chart indicate where the person is in the process of growing wisdom in the areas of human nature associated with those white Centers, or else, living a life that is conditioned by other peoples’ input, habits and interests in those Centers. Ultimately we are all in a state of balancing between a certain sense of vulnerability in our white, undefined or open Centers, and a growing reassurance in exercising wisdom that has accrued there.

For Putin, he has an undefined Mind area with a strong presence in Gate 4, of Solutions, indicating he is very good at applying his versatile mind to other peoples’ concepts and situations. Coming up with personally meaningful solutions for himself and his own life trials are by Design naturally more visceral and splenic in nature.

When he insists on using his mind, he will be applying other peoples’ fixes to all situations that confront him. In his current position, where does he draw those solution examples from…..? He will doubtless get them from the ways of the times of the Tsars, their secret police (MVD/ Okhrana that became the KGB and lately the FSS of which he was director) and the whole backlog of Russian history, pre- and post-revolution. There’s nothing original. The setup was and is to rule the populace by fear, influence, materialism and might.

History repeats ad infinitum and remains such unless there is a shift in consciousness in the people of Russia to move past this rigid identity and make the deliberate choice to become world citizens. Russian people are renowned for their great hearts, but they have been isolated from the world for so long one wonders if they will ever be able make this conscious shift.

The undefined Self Center combined with a 5/1 Profile makes it almost impossible for anyone to know exactly who Putin is or what he is capable of…….including Putin himself! (“I have a private life in which I do not permit interference. It must be respected.” Vladimir Putin)

After he came back from his first meeting with Putin the US secretary of “defense” Robert Gates said, “I looked in his eyes and I saw the same KGB killer I’ve seen my whole life.”

Somewhat in agreement with Putin himself : “There is no such thing as a former KGB man.”

Contrary to GW Bush’s experience : “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy.” But then later came to appreciate : “He (Putin) thinks he’ll be around forever. He asked me why I didn’t change the Constitution so I could run again.”

An undefined Heart/Willpower Center with Gate 21, of Control, indicates a need for Putin to be very careful about to whom he delegates authority and gives responsibility ….. offering up a dilemma in which Putin has to be seen to be in control at all times, with many agents and puppets in the background who know their places very well in giving their support.

An undefined Emotions Center with his North Node in Gate 49, of Revolution, an influence that became more active in the early 1990’s when he had his nodal shift, gave him the notion that he could move towards running the country himself by carefully coolly removing obstacles in the form of unhelpful constitutional laws, opponents and competitors.

Manifestors, after all, have a reputation for attracting resistance, blocks and hold-ups in their lives, needing to put considerable energy into getting people and obstacles out of their way….so they can manifest! As a KGB operative for 15 years and then director of the FSS (the newer version of the KGB), Putin achieved a reputation for getting things done.

An open Sacral Center (with no Gates activated at all) indicates someone who likes to get others to do repetitive and perhaps menial work for them. It is not that Putin is lazy, more that he does not have the sustaining energy to complete extensive and recurring tasks himself. Sex can be an ongoing mystery and source of exploration, and life and the life-force that motivates people is likely to constantly draw his attention and interest.

An unfortunate feature involving a completely open Sacral Center is that for those who are not well adjusted in their own lives it can induce a sense of powerlessness that turns into a deep urge to control others by any means possible. This subconscious inferiority issue can be exhibited by displays of personal mental or physical prowess, deliberately, even harshly putting down any challenges to one’s private or public image, and demands to be liked or to receive respect from others, among other things.

There is no question that Putin is a brilliant leader, however, it remains to be seen how his rigid approach can be consciously softened so the people he governs experience the real health, wealth and neighborliness that needs to be accorded to all people of the world. And for the rest of the world, we finally get the chance to become true friends with our heartfelt Russian neighbors.

In his own words :

My notion of the KGB came from romantic spy stories. I was a pure and utterly successful product of Soviet patriotic education.”

And the last word :
An Englishman, a Frenchman and a Russian are discussing the meaning of true happiness.

“Coming home from work to a loving wife who hands me a gin and tonic,” offers the Englishman.

“Ah! You English!” says the Frenchman. “Real happiness is meeting a cute little girl, who spends the night with you. She entertains you and then leaves you quietly and with a big smile and no regrets.”

The Russian is sitting, thinking.

“True happiness,” he says, “I experienced a few years ago. In the middle of the night, the KGB banged on my door and shouted: ‘Ivan Borovski! This is the KGB! You are under arrest!'”

The Englishman and the Frenchman look at him in alarm.

“Yes!” says the Russian, smiling happily. “And I shouted back: ‘Ivan Borovski lives upstairs!'”


In our next piece we look at the Designs of some more oligarchs.