Are you living your life in flow or in friction?

What we mean is: does life seem easy and fun, or is it difficult and full of struggle?

Does success appear naturally in your life, or do you have to fight to reach the next level of achievement?

There’s good news:

You weren’t born to struggle. You were born to succeed.

Anything is possible.



From the time you were born, you interacted with others, developed your personality, and became a product of your environment.

You experienced and learned from your parents, friends, school, and society.

You faced pressures, influences, and stereotypes that shaped your decisions and affected the way you lived your life.

You were told lessons, stories, and tips from your well-meaning parents that were supposed to guide you and to help make life happier, better, and easier.

What you were not taught is that the keys to making life happier and more fulfilling exist within you…

 and they’re waiting for you to use them!

Imagine what that would be if you could…

  • Re-awaken the person you are at your core!
  • Profoundly reintroduce yourself to the person you are meant to be!
  • Break free from the struggle you were taught to live with!


Until this very moment, your environment and influences have shaped your personality, guided you to your career choices and intimate relationships, and affected how and why you make decisions…

You can—and will—start living life with the happiness and fulfillment you were born to have.

With Human Design, you can unlock your potential, become reacquainted with yourself at your deepest core, and step into natural success.



Your In-Depth Human Design Reading

with Chetan Parkyn


A 90-minute, comprehensive and transformative session to achieve clarity, self awareness, and deep understanding of your truest self and your unique path to fulfillment in life.


1-time investment: $1,750.00 3-payment plan: $595.00 each
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 Your reading is recorded and provided to you as an MP3 file so you can listen again!


chetan_headshot2Through his decades of mastery and with his intuitive gifts and deep understanding of Human Design, Chetan Parkyn has helped thousands of leaders, business owners, coaches, consultants, healers, and everyday people discover the depths of self-knowledge that transforms lives.

Using your birth information, Chetan dives deep into your unique self and offers specific details on how your Design reveals who you really are at your core. In his 90-minute session with you, you’ll learn exactly how to use your Human Design as your personal roadmap for living life authentically.


Your Reading reveals the full story of your life, your true purpose, and your most direct path to fulfillment, happiness, and success.

In this one-on-one, personalized session, Chetan will uncover your opportunities for growth, development, and success that will help you start living the life you want.

Think of this reading as a re-modulation of your life.

It’s a recalibration of your internal programming.

It creates a profound awakening within you.

Think of it as a personal meeting with your truest self—free from any conditioning, influences, or struggle.


Chetan’s Human Design Readings have brought transformation to the lives of people around the world:

Vanessa Mills“Chetan’s reading confirmed many things about myself that I’d suspected but couldn’t be sure about and opened me up to some new, valuable insights. I used to struggle with unhealthy business relationships that left me drained — physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Now, I only do work I love with people I love — I feel peace and gain strength every day in my business and personal life. If you’re ready to receive the self-awareness that he’ll give you, it will transform your life. If you’re not ready, get ready!”

– Vanessa Z. Mills, Zamora Creative


MichelleSalaterbio“Having my Human Design Reading with Chetan was the best gift I will ever give myself—and those around me.  Decisions came a lot easier. How I interact and communicate with my team changed for the better. And I started earning a lot more money.

After my reading, I realized I needed further support—not only in how to best live by my Design, but also to heal old wounds I’d been hauling around—and decided to hire Carola as my coach. Over the past year working together, she’s helped me release unwanted paradigms that were keeping me from success and inner peace.

I’m more confident as a business owner and a leader, I’m finally living life on my terms, and reaping the financial rewards I’ve set out to reach. Thanks to both of you for transforming my life!”

– Michelle Salater, Sūmèr, LLC 


Most people know there’s “something more” in life for them.

They know there’s a bigger purpose that they’re meant to fulfill. They know they’re meant to impact more lives. They know they’re meant to live life authentically and on purpose.

There’s something more waiting for you, too.


But what is your “something more”?

And if you found it… would you know what to do with it?


Human Design is way to find out who you’re meant to be, learn how to live with

more fulfillment, and unlock the keys to your best life…

When you understand your own Human Design, you have the power to answer life’s toughest questions, including…

➔     Who am I, really?

➔     What am I meant to do with my life?

➔     Whom am I meant to serve?


You discover your most precious gifts, your brilliance, and your core nature, including…

➔     Your values and principles

➔     Your decision-making skills

➔     Your opportunities for success


Through your In-Depth Human Design Reading experience, you become reintroduced to your truest self. You begin to attract success and make breakthroughs and shifts that free you from what’s been holding you back.


You begin living life fully, honestly, and freely.

 But what does that really mean for you?


When you understand your design through an In-Depth Reading, you’ll be able to step out of difficulty and hardship and start living with true freedom and joy.


You’ll see improvements, opportunities, and more breakthroughs in all areas of your life, including…

wheel➔     Your business success and achievements

➔     Your personal relationships and love connections

➔     Your client relationships and partnerships

➔     Your income levels, finances, and wealth

➔     Your personal development and self-confidence

➔     And much, much more…


During your Human Design experience with Chetan, he will also…

➔     Bring the essential elements in your Human Design into focus

➔     Teach you how to use your unique keys to improve your relationships, business, health, and personal development.

➔     Help you overcome old, self-defeating patterns.

➔     Recognize the opportunities that are meant for you.

➔     Tap into your abilities to create and attract success.

➔     Experience increased self-confidence and assurance that every decision you make is the right one.

➔     Step up to the next level in your professional and personal life.


Get Your In-Depth Human Design Reading:


1-time investment: $1,750.00 3-payment plan: $595.00 each
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When you schedule your 90-minute In-Depth Human Design Reading with Chetan, you’ll also receive a complimentary BONUS follow-up session with Success Transformation Expert, Carola Eastwood.



With her background and experience in Counseling Psychology and Business Success Coaching, Carola brings a uniquely empowering perspective to her Human Design coaching. She guides people to breakthroughs and helps them integrate their new knowledge of their Human Design into their current lives.

After your personalized reading with Chetan, you’ll receive a 30-40 minute follow-up session with Carola. She’ll help you ground your new knowledge and awareness of who you really are, and focus your insight into a meaningful plan of action.

She’ll help you create actionable steps that will assist you in achieving immediate success and guide you to even deeper awareness and knowledge of what you’re meant to do in this lifetime, whom you’re meant to serve, and what success looks like according to your unique Design.


Schedule Your Reading & BONUS Follow-Up Session:

Reading Value: $1,750.00
BONUS Session Value: $500.00

Total Value: $2,250.00

1-time investment: $1,750.00 3-payment plan: $595.00 each
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Carola’s expert guidance has helped leaders and business owners

step into natural, easy success:

Deborah-Reed-150x150“I have worked with Carola for approximately the last 5 years. I cannot recommend her more highly. This is an amazing process, an amazing journey….. learning about probably the most important thing in your life, which is knowing yourself. She has an amazing gift that will open your eyes….through Human Design and her Astrological work.

Going through the Human Design process awakens you to realize that sometimes you live your life as not who you really are, but maybe how society wants you to be, or how others want you to be, or how you’ve been conditioned. It gives you the freedom to really look at yourself and see who you are…..It’s an amazing thing and it’s never-ending.  I still to this day look back on my chart [readings] and find things that I see coming into play now, and it’s exciting, enjoyable and fun!

– Deborah Read, Film Director and Actress, Santa Monica, CA


Nancy Monson“I’ve been working with Carola for over a year, and my life has magically changed as a result. Her tremendous gifts of healing, transformation, counseling, coaching, and insight coupled with her incredible wisdom of astrology and Human Design make her truly unique and absolutely perfect as a guide and mentor for me to step into the full expression of who I am and the work I am here to do in the world.

Carola’s brilliant integration of an amazing set of tools and methodologies along with the many years of her own healing and personal work give her the ability to help me overcome anything that is in my way. My healing sessions with her have been truly mind-blowing in the most positive sense, allowing me to release blocks and beliefs that were holding me back from stepping into the powerful and influential work I am here to do this lifetime. She is fearless in holding space in the darkest places, giving me a sense of safety and support to navigate the most terrifying inner landscapes so I can find my deepest truth and light to bring into the world.”

– Nancy Monson, Executive Coach


Success may appear easy for everyone other than you, but this is one of the biggest misunderstandings people end up believing is truth.

You see, most of us were told to believe struggle is natural and success is rare—and only comes from blood,sweat, and tears.

As children, we’re told to accept life the way it is. We’re pushed into a mold that may not fit us.

We learned that hard, arduous work and difficulties are a part of life. We learned to settle into a lifestyle that may not have been designed for us.

The truth lies beyond our limiting beliefs, and once you understand:


When you express your true self, you start to live life in flow.


Your life’s experiences affected, influenced, and molded you into the person you are right now.

Maybe you faced many tragedies early in life that still haunt you today.

Perhaps you’re still dealing with hardships as you are reading this.


It’s quite possible you’re lost or stuck at a crossroads at this very moment and you don’t know where to go next.


CrossroadWhatever your situation is… know that you can change the path you’re on.

All you have to do is find your true self and express who you are, and it’s not as difficult as you may think.

In fact, you are making the change right now as you are reading this.


There is a way to rediscover who you really are. It starts by understanding your Human Design.

  • If you’re struggling in your business, your relationships, or your personal growth…
  • If you’re finding it difficult to reach your potential, find your passion, or discover who you’re meant to be…
  • If you’re achieving success, but you’re not feeling completely fulfilled and satisfied…
  • If you know that there’s more life to be lived, more to achieve, and more to experience…


Understanding your Human Design is the key to finding the answers. Your Human Design will show you the way to greater clarity, purpose, and focus in your life.


Get Your Reading with Chetan & BONUS Follow-Up Session with Carola:

Reading Value: $1,750.00
BONUS Session Value: $500.00

Total Value: $2,250.00

1-time investment: $1,750.00 3-payment plan: $595.00 each
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Success, happiness, and fulfillment are natural.

Struggle, pain, and confusion are not.

If you’re ready to enjoy life in flow, then schedule your In-Depth Human Design Reading and BONUS follow-up session today.

It’s time to re-awaken the person you are at your core, experience a profound reintroduction to the person you are meant to be…

And break free from the struggle you were taught to live with, so you can start enjoying true fulfillment and the life you were designed to have.

Start living your best and most authentic life.



With all good wishes,

Chetan Parkyn & Carola Eastwood, The Success Transformation




P.S. Read what these business owners and influential leaders had to say about their experiences with Human Design:

Angelique Rewers“Chetan and I started working together first and for me, I had this massive breakthrough in my business. It became easier to make decisions that felt good, that worked out from there. I was so excited about the results that I was getting in my life and my business, that I started recommending the Human Design program to my clients.

I wish that every single one of my clients would have their Human Design done so that we could work from that as we develop their sales strategy, as we develop their marketing strategy, as we build their team, as we decide which clients they should approach and which clients they shouldn’t approach, so they literally stop wasting energy.”

– Angelique Rewers, Business Coach, The Corporate Agent


Caroline Geddes“Carola has changed our lives; she is a miracle worker as far as we’re concerned in our family….

When I met Carola I was at a real crossroads in my life. After having raised four children and performing charity work for the past 35 years, I was at a loss to see where my life was going.  Carola helped me to see what was holding me back from moving forward and how to experience joy in my life….

Carola is just amazing, she uses her unique abilities to be able to understand almost immediately what you’ve dealt with in your life and what you’re not seeing.  It’s like she can see your fears and your strengths from the very first session you have with her. What’s great about Carola is that she can work miracles in a very short time.”

– Caroline Geddes, Malibu, CA