Signs of the Times

Beyond politics and politicians, religions and priests, tycoons and servants, feast and famine, there is a current that is always running in the Universe...which runs according to the laws of the Universe. Within these laws are patterns and timings that affect everyone on the Earth.  In Human Design, we have decoded many of these patterns. And among them are what we call the Incarnation Themes. There are 112 of these Themes and each of us, at the moment of our birth, take on one of these Themes that runs as an undercurrent throughout our lifetime. It is a little like the theme music that plays in the background of a movie, or the common themes that run through many books. In our lifetime and knowing our Human Design, we can register for ourselves what our own particular Life Theme is, and watch it playing its part in everything we do, regardless of our Human Design Type, Authority, or Profile. However, in the events of the world, it is possible to see these Themes playing … [Read more...]