Light on our Path

Navigating our Way through Life with Wisdom In a subtle yet compelling way, we are attuned to the rhythms of life, to the movements of the planets and the breathing of the multiplicity of stars in a multitude of universes. Each of us, as an individual spark of life, is affected by the on-going, ever-evolving exchange of creativity that is, simply, the symphony of life.  But, we are also beings capable of adding our own unique voices, and when we do that, life for all is forever changed. Through understanding and living our ‘Human Design’, we bring ourselves back into harmony with the creative symphony, we ‘tune’ ourselves into the frequency of creativity that has been, and always will be, if only we can perceive it.  We get out of our own way, stop creating chaos for ourselves, and begin aligning with a pulse of truth that runs deep within all of life, and within us.  When we do that, we awaken. Human Design is an awareness tool that was given to us, specifically for these … [Read more...]