In our early days as a child, we are thrilled and moved by almost anything that catches our attention, especially those things we have to stretch to reach. We can walk around gazing upwards at the sky, wondering what it is that draws our attention there in the clouds and among the stars. It is easy for us to be moved by almost anything because of its newness, and yet, as we get older, much of the excitement wears off, and those aspects of life that were so in-spiring lose their appeal and interest for us. It is almost as though we convince ourselves that we have understood life, and that our earlier quest has been dismissed as unnecessary. The reality is that no one understands what life is.  No one.  And if we insist on keeping our attention towards what we think we know about ourselves and our lives, then our horizons become limited and our sense of wonder diminishes.  We start relying on our mind and our thinking patterns that can only relate to past instances, borrowed … [Read more...]